Starcraft 2 Betting – How to Bet

Coming across Starcraft 2 betting websites can be a sure way to make you want to get into Starcraft 2 bets yourself. But just like anyone new to something, you may have your own concerns. You are probably worrying about the safety of betting on the game, as well as your chances of success.

However, there’s no reason to worry, not as long as you prepare before joining the world of SC betting. Don’t know how? Well, this little guide will make you ready for Starcraft 2 betting.

  1. Learn the Game Basics

It shouldn’t be surprising that before you make any SC bet, you have to understand the game good enough to be able to make a strategy. Without knowing how to play it, you will have no idea what the players are doing in a match.

Usually, in a Starcraft II match, there are going to be 12 workers with you on a base. The main goal is to use your resources to destroy the base of the enemy. You pretty much have to train your workers and use your resources to build units and so on. In addition, there are three species to choose from when playing, respectively Zerg, Terran or Protoss. Each one of them comes with its own pros and cons, abilities, aesthetics, units and so on.

  1. Pick the Right Type of Bet

When making a Starcraft 2 bet on any website, there’s one thing to be aware of – the multiple betting types. Yes, even when making a bet on Starcraft 2, you have a variety of options, just like you would for traditional sports betting.

You can either wager virtual items or gamble on multiple outcomes or who will win a particular match. Additionally, you can make future bets too, trying to predict who is going to win that particular tournament.

  1. Check the Odds for Starcraft 2 Betting

Every bookmaker is offering odds for Starcraft 2 matches in tournaments, so it’s vital to always be up to date with the latest odds. Odds may change, and they could influence your betting strategy. That being said, once you’ve chosen a bookmaker to rely on, keep an eye on odds at all times, but also try not to only use odds as guidance.

  1. Monitor the Patches

Now and then, the developers of Starcraft 2 are releasing patches. These patches bring new improvements to the game, with some specializing in certain aspects of Starcraft. Since there could be major changes, you have to check these patches, so you’re always aware of what’s going on, and you can start betting on Starcraft 2 using the new information.

Final Thoughts

Since you want to have more successful bets than losing, you have to be ready for these bets, and be wise when making them. That being said, make sure to use these tips to your advantage.