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Guide with Essential Information for Your Overwatch Bet

In 2016, Blizzard Entertainment released the first-person shooter known as Overwatch. With an interesting story and unique characters, the game managed to become one of the most popular in eSports. Now, an Overwatch bet is easy to make, as long as there are any ongoing tournaments you can bet on.

If you want to embark on this competitive journey and try winning some cash through Overwatch betting, we’ll help you out with some information.

Overwatch – What Is It?

Overwatch is a multiplayer, first-person shooter that has two teams of six members each, going against each other. The game is available on multiple systems, and you have more than 20 heroes to choose from. There are even different categories for the heroes.

When playing this game, you will have to defend specific points on the map while taking over others. Each team will do their best to keep these points until the time runs out.

As it’s so competitive and great, the game has big tournaments organized for it too.

Overwatch in eSports

During the first months since it got released, Overwatch became a good candidate for a new eSports sensation. As many people started playing the game and it is attractive as well, the game already got its first tournament in July 2016. The first tournament was hosted by Eleague, and it had a prize pool of $300,000.

Even though it was freshly released, Overwatch surely became one of the most popular online video games. Due to being widely played in South Korea, the first tournament for that region has been established. It was called Apex. However, in January 2018 it was replaced by the Overwatch Contenders League.

Overwatch Bet – Tips to Use

It would be a bad move to make Overwatch bets without getting to know the players first. After all, how would you know what to expect from them? There are plenty of professional players who love Overwatch, so you have where to choose from.

When finding players, make sure to research everything that you can about them, such as their past experiences in eSports. Make sure to learn their unique style too, because it makes it easier to form a strategy.

Even with Overwatch, you have different types of bets that you can make. If you want to make some Overwatch League betting, then you can pick between moneyline, prop bets, live betting, totals, and many others.

Have you lost a bet on Overwatch? It happens even to the best sometimes, so you shouldn’t lose your mind over it. If you feel that too much anger has built up, take a break and come back to betting when your mind is clear. Otherwise, you risk making bad decisions and losing money.

Final Thoughts

As long as you know the basics of Overwatch betting, you can have a lot of fun and win cash. Always remember the information you’ve learned here.